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Based in Paris, English-Beninese and French rapper Switch The Mc innovatively fuses British grime’s energetic rhythms with French hip hop’s lyrical finesse, showcasing his versatility and personal expression. His musical journey began with the launch of his debut album, @Selfmedicated, in 2020, setting the groundwork for a series of singles and an EP that further sculpted his unique sound. Switch has collaborated with a wide range of artists, including French talents like Souffrance and Viktor & the Haters, and international acts such as Navy Blue and R.A. The Rugged Man from the US.

His music features eclectic compositions that blend traditional African sounds with conventional instruments, enriching his soundscapes and reflecting the diverse musical influences of his upbringing. Switch’s tracks are more than just songs; they are narratives drawn from life’s peaks and valleys, designed to resonate with and uplift listeners.

As he progresses, Switch is dedicated to exploring new musical genres and expanding his creative horizons, continuing to innovate and inspire across cultural boundaries.

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2024 • Switch The Mc

In his latest single, rapper Switch the MC ventures deep into uncharted musical territories, drawing inspiration from his ancestral roots in Benin. The artist embarked on a journey of self-discovery, delving into the heart of his cultural heritage by exploring the local sounds and rhythms of his homeland.

This exploration marks a pivotal moment in Switch the MC’s career, as he aims to fuse the rich musical traditions of Benin with the contemporary pulse of hip-hop. By incorporating live instruments, the intrinsic rhythms of Benin, and the linguistic charm of the French language—a nod to his multifaceted identity—the rapper crafts a sound that’s both innovative and deeply personal.

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2023 • Switch The Mc

In his first release of the year, Switch the MC has taken strides to evolve his sound, focusing intently on refining his flow. This effort is aimed at achieving a seamless integration with the beat, rather than merely overlaying it.

The rapper’s dedication to enhancing his musical craftsmanship is evident, signaling a strategic move to deepen his connection with the music and his audience alike. Through this deliberate honing of his skills, Switch the MC sets a new precedent for his future work, showcasing a commitment to growth and innovation in his artistry.

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