1. Osé Switch The Mc 4:01
  2. La Haine Switch The Mc 2:56
  3. Comme Moi Switch The Mc X DY Dare & Sam Kays X Shaka 3:34
  4. That One There Switch The Mc 2:55
  5. Anymore Switch The Mc 3:13

LA HAINE” is the first EP in Switch the MC’s trilogy titled “Comme Moi,” which translates to “Like Me” in French. Each EP in this trilogy explores a different theme, with “LA HAINE” focusing on the anger that has profoundly influenced his life. This EP acts as an unvarnished diary, documenting pivotal events that have left deep imprints on him. Through intense lyrics and compelling beats, Switch the MC delves into his personal battles, revealing the roots of his rage and their effects on his path. Each track offers listeners a raw glimpse into his experiences, providing a deeper understanding of the emotions driving his music.

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Comme Moi: La Haine

Release Date : 14 July 2022